Death Watchers. September 6, 2014. #death #pigeons #birds #astoria #newyork
Astoria Nights. July 18, 2014.
Life Can Be Complicated. ‘Modern Man In Search Of A Soul’ Carl G. Jung #psychology #self #reflection
Captured Alone For The Ride. September 17, 2009. #bunny #rabbit
Much Needed Change In Scenery. My Every Morning. #windows #astoria #newyork #homealone
Best Friends For Life. Meat Packing District. November 19, 2012. #newyorkcity #dogs #puppies
TriBeCa, New York City. December 19, 2012.
Morning Bug. Coney Island March 16, 2010.
New York City. A Building April 5, 2008.
Rinse, repeat.
Always and forever.
It’s Monday. This is how I feel.
Silver Swans “Sea of Love” 
Absolute nothingness.

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